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GE 5 + TB-LOrder no. 409.316

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Technical attributes
Power input500 watt
Power output270 watt
No load speed1100-1650 rpm
Sanding disc Ø225 mm
Tool fixturevelcro
Tilt angle on the head100 °
Length1520 mm
Cable length5,0 m
Weight3,9 kg
Standard equipment
1 velcro sanding disc supersoft399.418
1 clip-on quick clamping ring SH-FC 32406.023
1 carrying bag408.867

Giraffe® wall and ceiling sander

  • Electronic: controlled constant speed, soft-start, overload protection and speed selection with adjuster wheel
  • Very handy, light-weight machine with optimum ease of operation. Provides comfortable and ergonomic working conditions
  • Easy guiding: by optimal balance between motor and sanding head
  • Reliable force transmission and high flexibility thanks to the flexible drive shaft from. For decades established “FLEX technology”. Thanks to this design principle the weight on the head of the Giraffe is reduced to a minimum. This facilitates handling.
  • Gimbal-mounted sanding head provides high flexibility and optimum adjustment for sanding walls and ceilings.
  • Effective dust extraction from between the brush ring and the sanding pad prevents clogging of the abrasive and promotes a dust-free working environment
  • Option of connecting the FLEX safety vacuum cleaners to the FLEX clip-system on the guide tube
  • Easy handling thanks to ergonomically shaped guide tube made of aluminium. Optionally an auxiliary handle (accessory) can be attached
  • Dust-proof on/off switch
  • Very flexible thanks to an optional 500 mm extension (accessory) for high rooms, can be attached without any tools
  • According to the assortment of sanding paper ideally suited for sanding plaster boards, solid styropor insulation slabs, preparation for painting, polishing
  • Very large areas and rooms up to 3.20 m in height can be processed thanks to the optional application of the GM 320
  • The innovative, textile transport system allows the machine and accessories to be transported effortlessly. The Giraffe® does not have to be mounted and is immediately ready for use
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» Interface Ø 225, round
» Velcro sanding paper SELECTFLEX
» Superfinishing pad
» Velcro sanding fleece
» Velcro polishing sponge
» Velcro backing pad Ø 225, round
» Padded adapter for velcro paper
» Velcro sanding paper (perforated)
» Extension
» Insert carrying case head retainer
» Insert carrying case handle retainer
» Auxiliary handle
» Carrying bag
» Adapter
» Fast clip adapter
» Clip-on quick clamping ring red
» Antistatic suction hose with auxiliary air control
» Diamond sanding pad
» Velcro sanding grid
» Clip adapter

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