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"Flexen" comes from FLEX.

Everyone has heard of it. Many use it every day. But very few people know that ' flexen', a common German verb, actually refers back to an invention developed by FLEX, formerly known as Ackermann + Schmitt. But let's start at the beginning:

In 1922, Hermann Ackermann and Hermann Schmitt started a company in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt  to produce and sell their new invention: the MS 6 hand-held grinding machine, featuring an electrical motor that drove a flex ible shaft. This feature was the inspiration for this brand-new tool's name: FLEX . And this is the origin of today's brand name and a verb that has become an integral part of everyday German vocabulary: 'flexen' .

MS 6

Ackermann        Schmitt

Hermann Ackermann    Hermann Schmitt

In the late 1920s, the engineers succeed in replacing the flexible shaft with an angle gear set. 

In 1935, Ackermann + Schmitt launched a low-speed angle grinder. In 1954, it unveiled the first high-speed angle grinder: the DL 9. 

DL 9

In 1996, Ackermann + Schmitt renamed itself FLEX. In 2006, 'flexen' was officially added to the Duden spelling dictionary

Innovation comes from tradition.

The FLEX still uses the same basic approach, but the tool itself continues to evolve and improve. High-tech plastics replaced cast iron, making the tools considerably lighter. Motor power has increased, but motors have grown smaller and smaller. The motor and gears have become better protected against grinding and cutting dust; the tools have are now more durable, quieter and more ergonomic. The basic idea of the angle grinder proves to be so efficient and successful that it is incorporated into other machines and will continue to drive new innovations.

1987: High finish polishing
FLEX develops dedicated systems for sensitive polishing of automotive paint and lacquers, furnitures and natural stone floors.

LK 603 VR


1989: Mirror finish!
FLEX introduces a new method of treatment: burnishing for surfaces - without transition lines or shadow on metal and stainless steel.
LP 1503 VR

1997: Sanding ceilings without scaffold!
"The revolution for painters": the long-necked FLEX Giraffe® enables the operator to sand from top to bottom of a wall or ceiling without stilts of scaffolds. The dust extraction system does a thorough job. The long-necked sander Giraffe® and its patented sanding paper with perforation across the whole surface achieves a high-quality.

WS 702 VEASchleifpapier

2002: Innovation in every detail!

FLEX introduces the angle grinder generation for the 21st century. From the inventor of FLEX there are 8 new models in the 710 to 1300 Watt range available in a new, extremely slim design, with superior handling characteristics and many innovative product features, e.g. microprocessor controlled electronics or the FLEX grip-handle with integrated pin spanner.

L 3410 FRGFLEXgrip

2009: Vario-Giraffe® WST 700 VV

The continued development of the successful FLEX Giraffe® has now reached new heights with its telescopic function and exchangeable heads.


2010: RETECFLEX RE 14-5 115  The innovative tool system.
Easily and quickly converted whatever the requirements are: the specialist for grinding, sanding, scouring, perforating and polishing.


2011: POLISHFLEX. The gentle power pack for professionally
treating painted surfaces.
A variable-speed polisher with a high torque, motor and gear unit operate extremely quietly.


2011: WSE 7 Vario. Wall and ceiling sander Handy-Giraffe®
With intelligent change head system. It is the ideal addition to the Vario-Giraffe®, above all when processing confined spaces and rather small wall and ceiling areas.


2012: SUPRAFLEX. The smooth running power pack.
SUPRAFLEX – this means: virtually dust-free sanding of a wide range of materials and surfaces with a uniquely high removal rate. The SE 14-2 125  is the specialist for painted surfaces, for stainless steel and steel alloy, for natural and artificial stone.


2014: GE 5 / GE 5 R. The handiest FLEX Giraffe® of all time.
Excellent user comfort, astonishing range of applications and highly reliable - made in Germany. The FLEX Giraffe® is now lighter, more flexible and more robust than ever. Thanks to the new close-edge sanding head,
you can now, not only sand walls and ceilings, but also edges and wall-ceiling transitions with model GE 5 R.

GE 5GE 5 R

2016 TRINOXFLEX: One drive - two applications!

With the new TRINOXFLEX, FLEX offers a new, versatile and above all variable surface system for stainless steel finishing. Changes from a pipe belt sander into a burnishing machine with just one click.

Trinoxflex Trinoxflex

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